By emphasizing the respect for the privacy of your users, dear users to ask for users to purchase, comment, or use some of the features of the website, to provide them with reliable and secure services. For processing and sending orders, information such as address, telephone number and email is required, and since all activities of the online store are lawful and based on e-commerce laws, and during the purchase process, the official invoice for natural and legal persons is entered in the amount The value added is issued, so entering your information is for your business or business, as well as your business license.

Keep in mind that only the email address and official phones that are approved are the email address and phone numbers the customer records in his profile, and all correspondence and company responses will be made through them. Therefore, the inclusion of the address, email, and fixed and mobile contact numbers is confirmed by the customer. If the above items are not correctly entered or completed, Merritt can be used by the customer to ensure that the order is accurate and complete. Request additional information. Customers can enter the name, address, and telephone of someone else for delivery order, and Maryte will use this information only to send the same order.

Digicam may also use some information to communicate with customers, website content optimization, and marketing research, and for reporting events, services, special services or applications, for media users. If the user wants to delete their emails and emails, they can cancel the access privilege on their profile. Non-action for cancellation, as implied consent, is obtained by receiving emails and emails. Merrites may cast critiques and comments of users in compliance with the rules of the site.

Also, if the user is an out of date user, it may be subject to legitimate use of the information provided. Users, while using the services of the Web site, grant the right to edit and use the information in the aforementioned framework and deny the right to protest.

It should be emphasized that the maintenance of the password and username is the responsibility of the users and, therefore, in order to prevent any possible abuse, users should not disclose that information to anyone else. If the user does not dial, then the user will be able to change his / her mobile number and register a new number. – The liability of any possible damage resulting from the non-observance of the foregoing by the user is user-friendly and the user denies the right to claim any claim against Mary. Mortality treats personal information as confidential and does not transfer personal information to any other person or organization, unless Whether it is a matter for the competent judicial or administrative authority, or in accordance with current laws and regulations of the country, to the competent authorities. There is no legal liability in respect of compensation for the death of the mare, and users declare their satisfaction with the use of web services The site has also denied any protest.

It also informs users that Meret, like other websites, uses IP collection and cookies, but the protocol, server, and security layers of the server and the appropriate data management methods make maximum efforts to protect user information and Prevent illegal access. Naturally, the responsibility for any abuse is related to the person or the offenders, and the right to challenge and pursue through the law is at his own discretion.

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