The Mattress protector

Mattress protectors and toppers should be taken into consideration when shopping for mattresses because they preserve the mattress for years to come, in addition to being gentle on your body as you rest. At, customers can choose from a standard mattress topper, super soft mattress topper or memory soft mattress topper for their mattress, depending on their needs.

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Size: Single 90 x 190 x 25


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Size: EU Single 90 x 200 x 25


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Size: EU Small Double 120 x 200 x 25


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Size:  EU Double 140 x 200 x 25


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Size: EU King 160 x 200 x 25


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Size:  EU Super King 180 x 200 x 25


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Sleep through all the highs and lows in comfort

With the Merit mattress protector, you’ll forget all your stress and feel your best.

Bounce off all your troubles and get the comfortable sleep you deserve – we’ll leave you speechless.

Keep it looking new

Our waterproof mattress protector keeps your Merit clean, fresh and hygienic. Breakfast in bed, spilled coffee - no problem. It’s also OEKO TEX 100 certified.

Have a cooler night

The Merit mattress protector is extremely thin, and works like a fitted sheet. It doesn't affect the feel or comfort of your sleep surface. In fact, you won’t even know it’s there. It helps to regulate temperature and allows airflow throughout the night, so you’d have a cooler night’s sleep

Keep the nightmares away

Our mattress protector acts as a barrier against dirt, moisture and bacteria and keeps your mattress in optimum condition for longer.

Don't let the bed bugs bite

Our protector is a super soft cotton jersey sheet. The cover is OEKO-TEX® 100 Class 1 certified, so there are no harmful chemicals affecting your sleep. It protects your mattress from dust mites and spills - even babies can sleep with peace on it.

The perfect fit for perfect sleep

The perfect mattress deserves proper protection. It’s a perfect companion for our mattresses, and it fits others, too.

Turn your bed into an everything mattress

Your bed isn’t just for sleeping – it’s for sitting, working, cuddling and, admit it, sometimes eating.

Because your mattress is used for so many different reasons, it needs to be protected against just about everything.

Enter the Merit mattress protector, something that keeps away your trouble and nightmares and gives you the sleep you deserve. It’s the perfect and essential match to your mattress.

This mattress protector gives your bed five sided protection from liquids, stain, allergens, dust mites, and all the other possibilities, (apart from bad dreams).

Even better, this mattress protector is stretchy. You get relief in your pressure points and your mattress keeps looking as good as new. Dream soundlessly in bliss.

The stretchy solution

Merit brings you the perfect formula for superior bed:

Protection + comfort = everything mattress

We accomplish this by adding stretch to the mattress protector, so your pressure points (like your hips and shoulders), don’t get sore.

Typical mattress protections don’t stretch – this creates a firm bridge over where your mattress should dip.

It stops your mattress from cradling those pressure points and stops you from getting a good night’s sleep.

The stretchy Merit mattress protector solves this comfort problem. It gives where the mattress does, so you can say farewell to stiff mornings and hello to mornings you’ll never want to end.