About Us

A summary of products and services on Merit website:

Nikoo Royeshe Asr is the sole agent of Merit sleep Ltd in United Kingdom and registered on 24 May 2016. The company registration number is 492301.

We will provide you with the new generation of Merit memory foam mattress in our Online Shopping Store which has new packaging method, as well as other Merit products.

Merit mattresses are sold with a 10 year warranty, 100 night sleep trial, and free shipping (for details, please refer to the terms and conditions, warranty, free delivery and return and returns and refund pages).

At the core of Merit Sleep company is a limited selection of products made from a few key components at a fraction of the high street costs. Simplicity is part of the company’s ethos. That is why we offer only one type of mattress – but the mattress that fits all.

One of other Merit strategies, the direct supply of products through the company's website, which provides 24-hour access, free and fast delivery of the products. Nikoo Royeshe Asr Co. has succeeded in obtaining the electronic symbol of Internet business from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, which guarantees the highest level of security and comfort.

In addition, providing 100 night sleep trial, 10 year product warranty and free shipping is another strategies of Merit to introduce, delivery and selling of this product, which will give you peace of mind and confidence. This service is another feature of the company’s distinction in supplying products and services to Merit enthusiasts.

We are working hard to give you the opportunity to have happier moments, hours and days ahead and we strongly believe that we can bring a revolution into the traditional mattress market in Iran as we are not selling mattresses – we are selling sleep.

I, Arash Naeimi Zaker, the founder of Nikoo Royeshe Asr and Registered owner of the electronic symbol of Internet business from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade in the company of Nikoo Rooyeshe Asr, wishing you a pleasant moments, and I hope that we have been able to make a happy smile on your face by purchasing this products.